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Is Pepper Spray Legal in All States?

scales of JusticeI often get emails asking me if pepper spray is legal in a given State. While, pepper sprays are legal in all 50 states simply making that statement does not fully answer the question ‘Is Pepper Spray Legal in All States”.

As stated on our page Where is Pepper Spray Legal , some states restrict and limit different aspects of pepper spray. Some states limit or even restrict shipment of pepper spray from outside states. Here is a list of known states the restrict or limited self defense pepper sprays

  1. New York
  2. Massachusetts
  3. Michigan
  4. Wisconsin

Even though pepper spray is legal in all 50 states and the above states mostly have restrictions on size, type and where they can be purchased. There are also many cities carry restrictions on sizes, strengths and even how they can be carried..

It is always your responsibility to check with you local city or state attorney’s office to be sure you are abiding by ordinances in your area..

Self Defense Sprays are considered a weapon and are almost always restricted to being purchased by those 18 years of age or older and shouldn’t be sold to those convicted of a felony

It is not only important to understand whether pepper spray is legal in all States or not, but you must also use your self defense sprays responsibly. If you use your pepper spray to threaten another person, without just cause, you may be in violation of criminal law and may face civil or criminal liabilities. Using pepper spray in a crime or to attack some one unjustly can be construed as assault or battery and may carry the same punishment.

Self Defense law must be followed when using a self defense spray. It should only be used to defend yourself from personal harm and the force being presented to you must justify it’s use. Make sure you fully understand how pepper spray works and what it’s effects are. This will help you better understand the circumstances in which its use would be warranted.

The above information is not guaranteed to be accurate nor complete Bear Warrior International (BWI) and it’s Security Defense Weapons division cannot accept responsibility for the ¬†accuracy nor completeness.

This information is intended to be informational and should only be used for the purpose. It is not legal advice and you should contact an attorney for legal advice and verification. — BWI – Security Defense Weapons Staff