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Using a Personal Taser Gun To Protect Yourself From Danger

Women using a Personal TaserDue a search on the internet for Personal Tasers or stun guns and you will find a wide selection in the market. Purchasing one for your own personal protection can quickly become overwhelming. There are so many different styles and features to choose from that it is often very hard to decide which is the best Taser for you. There is the…

  1. TASER X2 Defender
  2. TASER Bolt (Aka C2)
  3. TASER Pulse

These Taser guns, along with stun gun gadgets have very distinct sets of capabilities to make them stick out. Taser guns are personal protection tools that emit volts of electrical energy. The moment it touches a targets body this kind of device administers electrical shock which disrupts movement briefly.

However the stun gun effects will last for several moments up to forty minutes, so you should flee as far away from the scene of danger as you can. Furthermore you can call the attention of other people nearby or search for a law enforcement officer near the place.

An effective stun gadget should be able to perform excellent stunning action without dealing long term damage. The Advanced Taser was developed with the use of Conducted Electrical Weapon or CEW technology. This sets off a mechanism which overrides physical movement.

The technology initiates muscle contraction and is able to penetrate any kind of pain threshold. It means that no one not even those with high tolerance for pain can get away from the Taser effects. Even the most hardcore attacker will fall once in contact with this kind of weapon.

The Advanced Taser M26P is an CEW, design after a police model. The Taser M26P is a long-range stunning weapon. Wires that have darts at the end are connected to the device which deals out the CEW technology. It can reach a target which is up to fifteen feet away.