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Turing an Iphone into a Taser

Cell Phone Stun Gun with Light Back View Held in HandWhile tasers are commonly used as self defense weapons, they are also handy phone accessories. The Yellow Jacket iPhone case comes with a detachable taser pack and extra battery for the iPhone. It was developed by former military police officer Seth Froom after he was attacked by an armed robber in his home. Besides his taser case, the Yellow Jacket also comes with an integrated flashlight and a swivelling electrode cap.

The IPHONE Taser looks like a normal cell phone and comes with an ultra-effective taser. Its flashlight-like LED light serves as a deterrent to any assailant. It also uses a USB plug to recharge. Its design makes it a good self defense tool that can make an attacker afraid of you. A good way to protect yourself is to use a taser when you feel threatened.This is a great idea for a smart phone stun gun.

Cell Phone Taser

The Yellow Jacket iPhone case delivers a 650,000-volt electric shock to the target. It looks just like a normal iPhone, and it’s safe to keep anywhere. The phone is a great way to protect yourself or to warn a potential attacker. The case itself doubles as a charger. It’s also smaller and easier to carry than the other devices on the market. Aside from protecting yourself, this iPhone taser also keeps your cell phone out of reach of criminals.

The iPhone Taser is the most affordable self-defense solution. While it is not legal, it does make sense for the iPhone owner to use this device. An iPhone case can be a powerful deterrent for a potential assailant. The device contains an electrode and safety catch to prevent accidental firing. The battery of the case can last for over 20 hours and still have a bit of power in reserve. 

Self Defense Phone Taser

Despite its price and size, the iPhone Taser is an essential item for your mobile phone. It is a portable self defense device and comes with an LED flashlight, ear-piercing sound, and a micro USB charging cord. It can be easily hidden in a pocket, but it is also useful as a self-defense tool. If you’re feeling uneasy about the weight of the device, it’s best to consult with a local law enforcement agency before using it.

An iPhone Taser is an electric shockgun that shoots a 950,000 volt electric shock through the body. This type of electric shock can cause unconsciousness and can even knock a person out for good. The Stun Gun iPhone is available for EU citizens over the age of 18. However, if you’re unsure whether this product is right for you, check the safety instructions. If you want to use the device, make sure that it’s not illegal in your country. This stunning cell phone is great for self defense.

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