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The Lipstick Tasers is a Great Concealable Self Defense Tool for Women

Red Stun Master Lipstick Rechargeable Flashlight Stun Gun Viewed in HandA lipstick taser is a great self-defense weapon. It is small and easy to conceal, with a button and a light that flashes. The lip stick taser is legal in all 50 states, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re protected. However, the battery can last only for a few months before it needs to be recharged again. This means you can use a taser whenever you feel threatened.

The DEPENDABLE stun gun is a lightweight, compact design that features a 3 million-volt stun gun. The flashlight is built right into the case, which gives it an added element of surprise. Its battery can be charged in less than 6 hours, and a full charge will last for up to three months. The Lipstick Taser is an excellent choice for personal protection and for everyday use.

Lipstick Stun Gun Review

A lipstick taser is a small, covert personal protection device that you can carry in your purse or handbag. It measures a little more than five inches long and one inch across, so it is very easy to conceal. The lipstick taser looks like a normal tube of makeup and has hidden buttons for quick and effective deployment. Depending on the battery level, it can stop most attackers.

A lipstick taser is a useful tool to use when you are caught in a situation where you’re feeling intimidated. The stun gun is similar to a standard makeup product, but is smaller and much more concealable. You can also conceal one in a purse, pocket, or evening clutch. Unlike other self-defense tools, it’s easier to hide than a gun. It can be recharged using a USB cord.

Lipstick Taser Gun Details

lipstick taser looks like a normal tube of lipstick. Aside from a bright LED light, a lipstick taser also contains a rechargeable battery. The battery is a powerful part of the device, and the light will stun an attacker. They aren’t intended to kill a victim, but they can make a person feel threatened. This is why a lip taser is a popular self-defense weapon in many communities.

A lipstick taser is an ideal personal protection device for women. Its compact design makes it a great covert weapon. The stun gun is 3 million volts of electricity, and the trigger is easy to use. It has been designed to fit most hand sizes, and is the size of a normal lipstick container. The stun gun weighs less than 4 oz, and is easy to conceal.

This Disguised Stun Gun is Great for Self Defense

A lipstick taser is a great self-defense weapon that can be concealed. They come in various colors and are lightweight. They can be carried in your purse or pocket without causing much of a distraction. Typically, these stun guns are two million volts, and can be used to stun a person with the same voltage as a Taser. In addition to being a great self-defense tool, these tasers are very affordable, costing only $20 to $40.

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