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How to Pepper Spray Someone

Learning how to pepper spray someone is something that may people ask after they have deployed their pepper spray in self defense.

But are far better off if you can get some pepper spray training and learning some techniques for deploying pepper spray and getting away safely.


How to use your pepper spray video transcript:

This the part she is waiting for.. We have a little can. Just to show briefly Whitney is going to stand right about here. Oh ok your going to use that one.. that is inert ingredients, it’s fake. it’s just water coming out of there.

Ok, now Whitney’s in her good posture, she has a good stance. As far as aiming she is going to use her index finger or her thumb. But she will probably choose her index finger.

She is looking right over her finger and is going to aim at my facial area and as I start to approach her, simulating an aggressor, she is going to spray for one and a half or two seconds into my face.

And this is going to be her spraying..

I really like this pepper spray training video. It not only gives you some great tips on using your mace pepper spray, but also instructs you to move away from the attack. They also used inert training pepper sprays. These are a great way to train and practice with your pepper spray.