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How Pepper Shot Pepper Spray is Offering Protection After a Mugging

Women Pointing Multi Colored Pepper SprayI am sometimes thought of as a bit over protective of my friends and family. I am always trying to convince them of the benefits of carrying a small pepper spray like the pepper shot pepper spray models. My motives are very much born out of my concern for each of their personal security and safety. I would never wish any harm to them.

It just so happened that one night right after having a conversation with a friend they were attacked on a dark street while heading home from a night out. Fortunately they were not hurt, only very shaken up. The event certainly opened their eyes to being prepared during times of danger.

The next time this occurs they vowed to be ready. The incident and my recommendation for the pepper shot pepper spray had them asking me for one Immediately after being assaulted. Their words were “I would be foolish of me not to possess personal protection like this.”

I had explained to them that pepper sprays leaves an unbearable burning pain in the eyes and also on the skin of the receiver. This pain will disable the target for a few minutes offering sufficient time for the probable victim to get away.

After they went through the self defense catalog they decided on the 1/2 oz. Pepper Shot pepper spray with quick key release keychain as well as locking actuator. It has five one-second bursts of 10% pepper and could spray as much as a distance of 8 feet.

In addition to the overall burning pain induced a strong pepper spray like pepper shot will bring about other effects. It triggers the bulging of the mucous membrane making it hard to breathe and also causes the inflammation of the blood vessels within the eyes forcing the eyes shut.

Despite all these effects all pepper sprays are non-lethal devices so no permanent cause harm to is caused. These effects are only short term and will continue for about 20 to 30 minutes.

They decided on a keychain pepper spray since they could easily add it to their keys to it making sure that it went along with them whenever they left home. Small pepper sprays are light and very easy to carry, so they are really convenient. You can easily hide one giving you the upper hand if attacked.

My friend has continued to share this story that persuaded them to purchase a self defense weapon. Through my recommendation and the mugging incident my friend encountered we are wishing this to never occur to anyone again.

This is why I have decided to share with all of you. Find something that appeals to you in order to increase your personal security, obtain it, carry it with you always and practice how it works.