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Hide Valuables in Plain Sight

Variety of Diversion Can SafesAfter a good friend of mine inherited a old house from his father. He discovered that the best way to protect his valuables was to hide them in plain site with a Diversion Stash Safe. When he first moved in he noticed that there had been many improvements made over the years and he did find wall safes in some rooms. Now at one time these safes may have been useful but now they are easily detected.

The cheesy wall portraits are a giveaway to their locations It would not take a lot of work to discover these types of safes. While he choose not to have them removed and uses them for personal documents and larger valuables. He wanted something smaller and easier to hide for the bulk of this other precious items.

Locking Book Safe Opened ViewI showed him some money safes designed specifically for home use. These diversion stash can safes are smaller and much more covert. I explained how he could hide family heirlooms inside a book safe then put it between the Bible and the Koran. No one will ever believe that among those books on the shelf is a diversion safe.

These types of hidden safes will easily fit the environment and do not draw in attention. Since most burglars commit 10 minutes or less to searching through a home or apartment, they generally overlook the less than obvious for items that seem priceless. They are often looking for large safes they can get the big score from, just like his wall safes.

Since he was not interested in giving a home robber satisfaction of getting hold of his valuables, he was interested in these can safes. If someone decides to break in and they think they must do what they have to do, then at least don’t make it easy for them.

Instead use a flowerpot safe to hide your jewelry within, most burglars will never even give that flowerpot a thought. Especially if there are other regular flowerpots all around the area.

Using the Jif Peanut butter¬†jar diversion safe or the Spaghetti’os can safe hidden inside the kitchen pantry will keep your precious ¬†things far from the reach of the robber.

They are displayed in plain sight. Using money safes at home provides security and they still have aesthetic value. Get peace of mind for a fraction of the cost of a traditional safe that are not easy to maintain and prone to burglary.