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College Students Learn Self Defense Skils

I came across this article about how Cal State students are learning to self defense techniques. This was mostly due to recent assaults that have occurred on this college campus.

I placed a few paragraphs from the article and a video of the college students training in self defense.  Make sure to check below the video for some thoughts and recommendation for keeping college students safe on campus.

Cal State Fullerton senior psychology major, Jessica Briscoe, knows how terrifying it is to feel defenseless.

Briscoe, was harassed by an old coworker by phone. She reported it to the police twice, but it didn’t stop until she changed her phone number.

She was frightened by the situation but after hearing about a self-defense class held by ASI Lobby Corps, she decided to go to combat her fear.

As she jabbed and kneed the protective pads in the Titan Student Union Saturday afternoon, Briscoe was hoping to gain more than a new skill.

“Just confidence, that if I’m alone, I’m going to be okay,” Briscoe said. “That I could defend myself if I needed to.”

Over a dozen students participated in the self-defense training event, which was hosted by California’s 65th District State Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva.

“No!” chants could be heard as the sound of punches landing on pads echoed in rhythm. – Read More

Every year millions of students in the United States will be heading off to college. And while colleges are working to create a safe place for students to learn. There is still crime, such as; Assaults, Theft and Burglaries.  There are many ways you can protect yourself and increase your personal safety and protect your belongings. Whether you are just starting college or you are midway through, these tips will help keep you safe while at college.

  1. Learn about your college’s Campus Safety office
  2. Be on highest alert at night
  3. Make Sure You Always Lock Up
  4. Beware what you post on Social Media
  5. Be mindful as you enter and exit your vehicle
  6. Have a plan on where your going and stick to it
  7. Be aware of the crime areas on campus and in the City you live
  8. Learn how to defend yourself and practice
    1. Pepper Spray Training
    2. Learn About Stun Guns
  9. Make sure any Security or Defense items you have are ready
    1. Best Pepper Spray for you