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Avoid Becoming a Victim of Crime

It is true that you can potentially be a victim of crime at any time, but you can reduce the chances by implementing a few tips that police and security experts have recommended.

While giving a presentation to residents a crime and security expert revealed the best ways to stay safe and make their homes secure. During a community meeting he presented the following tips and insights.


“There are three main components to a crime. They are the opportunity, the victim and the perpetrator. Take away just one element and the crime doesn’t exist.” He said.

While not quite as simple as it sounds this is an excellent understanding of how you can reduce your risk of becoming a victim of crime. For example if you remove places for someone to hide around your home, you quickly have taken away that opportunity from the potential criminal.

Security experts and police alike recommend not only installing effective door and window locks, but they also preach to make sure you use them. Forgetting or neglecting to lock you doors and secure your windows supplies unnecessary opportunities to entice crime.

The same applies to an alarms and security systems. They have to be turned on and in place in order to work. But don’t let them be you’re only from of protection. It may take several minutes for a monitoring service to get in touch with police.

Using a DIY home security system that is unmonitored, but has a loud siren and flashing lights is also acceptable and often more budget friendly. Just realize that this to relies on your neighbors to call the police if you are not at home.

Keeping some sort of small self defense weapon like a stun gun, pepper spray or a personal Taser can offer you that extra line of protection should the bad guy get in your home while you are still there.

Most people fail to recognize the vulnerabilities to crime that exist on their properties. By making an effort to walk around through your home or business and honestly examine any openings in your security will increase your personal security and that of your family.

All the things discussed thus far also apply to you vehicles, like locking your doors and keeping all valuables hidden. Also never leave your garage door opener in your car if it is not secured in the garage. It only give a way into your home.

While all of these steps and tips can and will drastically reduce your chances of a crime incident, you still may find that your home or car have been entered. Making a report to police, even if nothing is taken, can assist them in gather data to catch the criminal.

Police do not communicate at all with insurance companies unless you file a report with your insurance provider and they contact the police. It’s a myth that your home or renters insurance will increase just by making a report. As a matter of fact, if the crime is not currently in progress, you can often file your police report over the phone.

Police and security experts alike agree that one of the best way to create a safer community is by being a “nosy neighbor.” You know who belongs in your neighborhoods, so report anything that looks suspicious or out of the ordinary.