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120 db Door Stop Alarm Demostration

Below is a short video of the 120 db super door stop alarm being activate¬†in my hotel room, while I was on a business trip in Florida. I know ruff job being in Florida. ūüôā Let us know what you think.

Transcript from the video..

“Ok, here we are in the morning and the alarms been there all night protecting me,¬†along with the normal protections of the door. This morning I’m going to go ahead and open it up, sound the alarm and shut it off real quick (laugh), So, here it goes..

(Door is open and Alarm sounds) And that’s how it works.”

You can also watch the other video I did demonstrating  this door stop alarm security system, Click here for that video.. If you want to be protected the next time you travel, then get your own 120 db door stop alarm today!

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