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The Rape Victim Should Never Be Blamed? True or False?

Don't Become A VictimOk, I know that is a loaded question, but it has been a deep discussion lately on if a rape victim should be blamed. My vote is never. No should me know and we should teach our sons and daughters that.

Below is an article that had gotten me thinking about this very topic. Read it and let us know your thoughts on this subject. After the article I have some more insight for you.

Stop blaming rape victims

An open letter to oblivious rape culture supporters:

What is it about sexual assault stories that elicits such a negative response? Articles and comment sections are filled with vitriol and victim blaming. There is a trend attributing rape to alcohol consumption and hook-up culture. Is there a level of vulnerability within both constructs that could leave an individual more susceptible to being raped or assaulted? Absolutely. Do individuals get raped outside of those constructs when making the “right” decisions, staying home after dark and not drinking alcohol? Absolutely. Because rape isn’t about prevention, although prevention can at times be helpful. Rape is about a rapist deciding to act and knowing how to take advantage of vulnerabilities, which is done every day to children and adults alike through coercion, mental abuse and alcohol.

I am not naive enough to believe we will be able to stop all rapists, but I am confident that until we start structuring the conversation around what we can do as a society to not raise rapists and to better define and critique situations that are gray, rapes will not stop regardless of what preventive steps are taken. – More

Pink DrinkIn the article the author does make a great point, rape is about the rapists making a choice to take someone else’s choice away. He also states the “Because rape isn’t about prevention, although prevention can at times be helpful”

I agree and disagree with this statement. It is naive to believe we can stop all individuals from raping, so while we get programs and education out about stopping rape at its source. We have to equally talk about prevention.  This is done with self defense training, personal safety training and self defense tools.

So, if you are a women out enjoying yourself, take the Drink Guard™ Date Rape Drug Detector card with you and test your drinks to make sure you are safe to enjoy your night.

Also take a moment to read this blog and watch the video on how easy it is to spike your drink with a rape drug.