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How Does the Door Stop Alarm Work?

Here is a short video helping to answer the question.. ” How does the door stop alarm work?” I was in a hotel room, while on a business trip. Click Here to watch the video of the 120 db door stop alarm being activated and then get your very own personal¬†super door stop alarm¬†security system,¬†today.

Video Transcription..

Alright everyone i’m here at the Hyatt Regency in Jacksonville Florida at a conference and I wanted to demonstrate the door alarm that i’m gonna use for my hotel room.

So were just going to open it up here and take a look.

As you can see how it works, if its depressed when the doors is opened it will set an alarm off and I will demonstrate that here in just a minute.

It takes one 9 volt battery. As you can see. So, there is where the 9 volt battery is going to go in.

It has an on/off switch and a sensitivity of High Medium and Low.

It’s kinda late tonight so I’m not going to sound the alarm tonight, but I will sound it in the morning and be back here.

So I’m going to leave it in the off position for now. But basically what you do is you will take it, as you can see this is my hotel room, and you place it right there.

You would turn the it to the on position, which I will here before I go to bed. It will sound an alarm which I will demonstrate in the morning.