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The Electric Shock Gun Police Use, Good or Bad?

Police standing with Stun gun tasers holstered

The electric shock gun police use is controversial. Despite their widespread use, there are several concerns about their effectiveness and safety. In a recent article in Popular Science, two professors from Reed College, Edward Edelson, and Darius M. Rejali, explain why electric shock stun guns are an effective tool in law enforcement. They also discuss the long-term effects of the weapon. However, the debate about the safety of the electric shock device police use is far from over.

Regardless of whether or not the police are justified in using electric shock guns on civilians, the use of such weapons is becoming a growing concern. As of this writing, there are three types of CEWs available for law enforcement. The Taser and the Drive Stun are two of the most common models. These are used by police around the world to deal with a variety of different situations. The “drive stun” method causes localized pain but does not affect the central nervous system. This method is also effective for taking a subject into custody.

The Drive Stun is the most common type of electric shock gun used by police. Its name suggests that it delivers a localized electrical shock but does not incapacitate the subject. In addition to being effective, the Drive Stun may also help law enforcement officers take a subject into custody. Amnesty International UK has criticized the use of the TASER device and says it does not stop an attacker from moving but just makes them groan in pain. It is also worth noting that the TASER’s CEO, Michael Axon, has stated that the weapon is “safe for self-defense” and “not just for policing.”

Stun Gun LightningAxon, the manufacturer of the TASER device, sells three types of CEWs for police use. The XR-5000 is the most popular one, with electrodes spread wider apart. The Drive Stun has a loud arc that is intended to serve as a warning. While the electric shock is not fatal, repeated use can increase the risk of further injuries. The TASER devices are available in many models, including a taser designed for law enforcement.

The XREP stun gun was created by Taser International and is capable of immobilizing suspects at longer distances. Traditional hand-held Tasers were limited to a maximum of 25 feet. Moreover, the XREP stun gun allows police to reach the suspect more easily. This newer model is safer for the people, because it can be reactivated, which makes it a better option for police.

The Taser is one of the most common weapons used by police in the UK. It can be used on both men and women. In some instances, police use Tasers to make arrests. Generally, the XREP stun gun is more effective than the traditional hand-held model. The XREP stun gun can reach a target from greater distances. Previously, the hand-held Taser was a stun gun used to make arrests. Amnesty International, a human rights organization, is very concerned about this new product.