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Learn How to Use Kubotan Pressure Points

Kubotan with keysDiscover how effective kubotan pressure points can be. A Kubotan is a Japanese self-defense weapon that causes pain to the attacker by pressing pressure points on the attacker’s body. Invented by Takayuki Kubota in the 1960s, it has become very popular. It is based on the yawara stick, koppo stick, or nightstick. The NYPD has even encouraged female officers to use Kubotan to tackle criminals.

kubotan stances

To learn how to effectively use the kubotan, it is essential to know the proper stances. This will help you conceal the weapon and control an opponent’s advances. When you hold the kubotan in a low concealment stance, the hand is concealed behind your forearm and at a distance from your body.

Blue Aircraft Grade Aluminum Kubotan Keychain Viewed in HandOne of the most effective uses for the kubotan is to snag your opponent’s limbs. To do so, you should hold the kubotan with a few inches protruding and hook on a part of the assailant’s body. Once you have hooked him, use your kubotan to strike him backwards.

Another common Kubotan stance is the fist stance. It’s the most comfortable to hold, and it allows you to use the weapon as a punch. While this doesn’t give you the maximum amount of power, it can be used on pressure points, which can cause the attacker to stop in his tracks.

In addition to using a kubotan as a self-defense weapon, it can be a powerful weapon for striking and yawara. Proper placement will neutralize the attacker with little or no injury. However, kubotan use requires a lot of practice and attention to detail. Getting formal training in kubotan can help you perfect your technique.

Learning how to use the kubotan is a great way to protect yourself if you ever find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. The techniques can help you if you’re a victim of a crime. A good way to start is to practice with a partner. You can even get a DVD that will teach you the basics of kubotan and yawara self-defense.

kubotan uses

A kubotan is a weapon that uses pressure points to strike a target. It can be made of thermoplastic polymer or anodized aluminum. It can also be made from everyday objects such as a pencil or a hairbrush, or even the handle of another weapon. Although it is a popular tool in martial arts, there are some limitations to kubotan use. For instance, it won’t work well against fast knife attacks or guns.

The basic technique involves holding the Kubotan in a fist. This way, it can be used to punch anywhere on the attacker’s body. The Kubotan is able to hit pressure points, so it can be used to stop an attacker faster than a normal punch. In addition to this, it can also be used to defend against an attack.

Black Aircraft Grade Aluminum Kubotan Keychain Viewed in HandAnother benefit of kubotan is that it is easy to carry and is an effective force multiplier, particularly for small women. In addition to striking, kubotans can be used to control an aggressor, trap, and strike soft tissue. The kubotan is effective when used in combination with verbal commands to gain compliance. It is also able to hit pressure points on the head and wrist. However, some suspects are more sensitive to pain than others and will be less willing to comply with these techniques.

The traditional kubotan has shallow grooves made of wood. Modern kubotans are made of a variety of materials. Some are even equipped with a blade or pepper spray. Pressure points are located on the areas of bone that are closest to the skin. In some cases, applying pressure on these points can result in immediate loss of consciousness.

When holding the kubotan, the right grip is essential. The proper grip will depend on your stance. A low concealment stance is a great option for people who want to use the weapon while remaining in the neutral zone. The right stance will enable you to use the other hand to conceal the weapon.

When practicing kubotan, it is important to practice regularly. Even if you’re training on a daily basis, you should always consult the laws in your area to make sure you’re not violating any laws. In addition, you should watch kubotan videos to understand how it can be used in a self-defense situation.