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Home security Tips for spring

Drawing of a House - Learn to protect your HomeTop Home Security tips for you this spring. As the days start to get longer and warmer weather starts to set in there is often an increase in the numbers of residential burglaries. So, if you are letting your home air out from winter or you’re in the backyard playing or working, try to remember to keep your doors and windows locked.

The bad guys only need the a few moments and the correct opportunity to take your property. A well place wireless motion detector or even placing some window alarms on you screens can help you both enjoy the fresh air and keep you property safe from those whom would like to take your stuff.

Any item that can be quickly and easily taken make for very enticing scores for criminals. Keep your high dollar stuff like cell phones, tablets and music players out of site. They are easy and tempting targets.

Protect yourself from burglarsSpare change on the table or your wallet or jewelry in plain site also make the top list for burglars and quite often you won’t notice they’ve gone until they are needed. Using a diversion can safe can help you hide your high-value items for the prying eyes of criminals!

Below I have listed some spring time home security tips and advice for keeping your stuff safe all the way though till summer:

  1. If you’re away from your home for even a short period of time make sure your windows and doors are closed and locked.
  2. Don’t leave any area of your home insecure if you are away from it, even if you are at home. For example, don’t leave the front door unlocked if you are spending time in the back garden.
  3. Keep any high-value items out of sight and in a safe place.
  4. Don’t leave keys to doors or vehicles in an easily accessible place.
  5. Report any suspicions to the local authorities as soon as possible.