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Use a Beer Can Diversion Safe to Hide Your Valuables in Plain Sight

Lager Beer Can Hidden Stash Diversion Safe Front ViewYou can use a beer can diversion safe to conceal your valuables in plain sight. These safes are made from actual beer can containers. You can choose from a variety of models and make sure your beer can diversion safe looks authentic. Some brands include Corona, Budweiser, and Heineken. To make it even more realistic, they feature a screw-off lid and clamshell packaging. The Coors Light beer can diversion safe is a great choice for its weight and concealable compartment.

Burglars spend only eight minutes in a home, and they only check obvious places to get valuables. A beer can diversion safe allows you to hide your valuables in plain sight and is much cheaper than a lockable safe. It is weighted, so it feels full, and has a screw-off lid that makes it perfect for homes and garages. The unit even comes with a 90-day warranty, so you can rest easy that you bought a quality product that will withstand the test of time.

Another beer can diversion safe is the Miller Light Diversion Safe. This is a real beer can with a false top. Inside, there’s a modest compartment that can hold cash, keys, jewelry, and even a scented bag. Some cans are slightly dented or scratched. These aren’t defective and actually add to their realism. If you’re storing a lot of cash or drugs, you may want to consider buying several of these safes.

What You Should Know About Can Safes

A Safety Can is a steel, spring-loaded container that is designed to keep liquids out. These containers must meet certain specifications, including a flash-arresting screen and pressure relief mechanism. A Class1A liquid cannot exceed two gallons of volume, and the container must be certified by Underwriters Laboratories or FM Global, a third-party, nationally recognized testing laboratory. It should also feature a two-position polypropylene funnel.

Decoy Can Safes are a practical way to store valuables that are inconspicuous compared to a nightstand drawer or a hole in the backyard. These safes are made to resemble common household items like coffee or soda cans, and are virtually indistinguishable from real products. The cans look like food and blend in perfectly with the decor of the kitchen, making them impossible to detect when hidden. They are also less messy than digging a hole in your backyard.

Soda cans are another convenient place to hide valuables. Soda cans are surprisingly good at concealing valuables. Because they are commonly seen in public areas, thieves will typically look in these locations first before attempting to steal your valuables. A soda can is perfect for this purpose, because it blends in with the surrounding environment. You can use this safe in a variety of places, from the car, to the home