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Tips to Help Develop Your Street Sense

Self Defense When Walking Home Alone At NightAlways stay alert and tuned in to your surroundings when you’re in a street environment, shopping at the mall, working at the office, while waiting on a cab or the bus, even while driving.

Rely on your instincts. Should someone make you feel uneasy or something cause you to have an uncomfortable feeling, leave and move away from that person or place.

Be familiar with the people where you work and get to know your neighbors. Find the location of the closest police station and local fire department, know where there may be any public telephones (in case you lose your cell), map the location of the hospitals, and become away of any stores or restaurants in the area that stay open late.

Personal Security While On Foot at Night or in the Day

  1. Never use shortcuts that take you through an alley, parking lot or wooded area. Try to remain on highly traveled and well-lighted.
    Keep your jewelry, cash and loose clothing hidden, they make tempting targets.
  2. Keep your purse close, not hanging down by the straps.
    Keep your wallet out of your back pocket. Instead put it in your front pocket or inside coat. Separate your credit cards and your cash. Only keep what your need.
  3. Wear clothing that does not restrict your movements, ensure your shoes are the same.
  4. Keep your keys in your hand ready for when you reach the door.
    It is best to use Automated Teller Machines that are located inside of a mall, the grocery store, or gas stations. If you do use and ATM outside, try to do it during daylight hours. Always approach the machine with your card in hand and leave if something gives you an uneasy feeling.
  5. Should you suspect you are being followed, cross the street and switch direction several times. Head towards a open restaurant, go to a lighted house or walk into a store.
  6. Should you get harassed by someone, never be ashamed or embarrassed. Speak up and yell if need be. Tell them to Leave you alone! Shout for someone to call the police! Command them to Get away!”

Personal Vehicle Safety and Security Tips

  1. Always ensure you have enough gas to for your trip, no matter how short. Make sure you have a good running vehicle.
  2. Always check around the outside and then the inside of your car prior to getting in. Lock your doors and roll up the windows at all times.
  3. Parking lots and underground garages can hide a bad guy, try to not isolate yourself when parking.
  4. If you think someone is following you, don’t head home. Drive to the nearest police or fire station, gas station, or other open business to get help
  5. If Someone Tries to Rob You Don’t resist. Give up your property. Don’t risk your life. Report the crime to the police. Try to describe the attacker accurately. Your actions can help prevent others from being victims.
  6. If corned or you feel threatened make a stand!
  7. You create a safer and more secure work environment and a better neighborhood when you help pick up trash at local parks, report broken street lights and fight for improved lighting in public places by lobbying local government.
  8. Contact your local police or Crime Prevention Unit to start a neighborhood watch program.

Personal Protection Items to Keep you Safe on the Streets

Self defense sprays, such as the very hot wildfire pepper spray brand,  are often a good non lethal option to carry when walking on the streets alone. If you what something with a bit more bit, then a stunning device, like the stun master stun gun brand, may be up your alley.

Looking to keep the distance between you and your attacker? Try a Mace Pepper Gun or one of the many personal Taser options available. While in your vehicle have the visor pepper spray installed and ready for action should you need to use it.