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Stun Batons Unique Non Lethal Weapons

Black 40 Million Volt Stun Baton with Flashlight In Hand

Due to the increased rate of robbery, security has become a personal issue. You need to have mechanisms to protect yourself, your family and your property. Lucky enough many states allow their citizens to possess non-lethal weapons for self-defense. These weapons are designed for defense when attacked. 

Black Stun Master Stun Baton with Flashlight View of Stunning Plates on the Side of this Non Lethal Self Defense WeaponNon-lethal weapons do not kill the attacker but they help you fight him by making him weak and unable to fight back. Killing is illegal in all countries, even if you kill someone that was attacking you, you will be charged. When fighting an attacker you should not be aimed at killing him instead you should use all mechanisms to paralyze and dis-harm him without killing him. 

Choosing the right weapons to fight attackers and not kill them can be challenging. Unlike other means of protecting yourself and your property like having a gun which must be licensed by the government, a non-lethal weapon does not require any licensing. Before buying any weapon you must consider the laws and regulations of your State, County or municipality to see whether you are legally allowed to own such a weapon.

A non lethal stun baton is a common non-lethal weapon. It is one of the most effective weapons everyone who finds his security at risk should have. It is an advanced stun gun. It has added features that helps you fight your opponent easily. Unlike in stun gun where you need to be closer to the attacker for you to be able to harm him, a stun baton allows you to fire even when you are few meters from the attacker. 

Sometimes they come bundled with other tools that are needed when fighting an attacker. Some come bundled with a flashlight, wrist strap, and many more accessories to make you stronger than the attacker. A stun baton is portable allowing you to walk with it. Before buying a stun gun you should check whether you are allowed to own it or you must be issued with a license by the government.

The Stun Master Stun Baton has built-in rechargeable Li-on battery to power the flashlight. It comes with a charging cord for easy charging. It has a 12,000,000 volts stun gun that paralyzes even the strongest attacker. It has a strong flashlight that blinds the attacker whenever the light is directed into his eyes in case the attacker is in a dark room. It has a wrist strap for easy carrying and also to protect the attacker from using it on you. It is also a lightweight device that can be used to strike the attacker when he is closer to you.

Precautions when using a stun buton

  1. After buying a stun baton charge it for eight hours using its charging cord before using it. It should be also charged at least once per week. The voltage and the flashlight fully depend on the battery the more charge it has the more effective it becomes. When not charged the stun baton becomes useless. You should regularly charge it.
  2. When carrying your stun baton make sure it is on top of other things in your bag or purse for easy and fast accessibility when needed. Never pack it at the bottom of your bag. When walking in known dangerous zones you should have it ready in your hands.
  3. When fighting do not go closer to the attacker as he might overpower you and disarm you. Take advantage of the stun buton as it allows you to fight an attacker at a distance. When in a dark room use the flashlight to blind the attacker.
  4. For maximum effectiveness apply and fire it on the following body parts for about 3 to 5 seconds depending on the voltage. When it is fully charged it emits higher voltage which in turn causes pain on the parts it has been directed.
  5. Remember non-lethal weapons are not designed to kill the attacker. After paralyzing the attacker you should escape and call the police for help.
  6. When attacked by more than one and there is an escape way you should opt running away as the attackers may be in possession of harmful weapons such as guns and they may end up killing you. The attackers can also disarm you and use this weapon against you.
  7. Having stun baton for protecting your home isn’t enough. You need to use it together with other security technologies available. Surveillance cameras make it simpler to fight attackers as you will be able to easily tell where he is hiding and what kind of weapons he has. Advanced security systems which are able to alert your security service providers when you are attacked should be used.