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Streetwise Stun Baton with Flashlight

streetwise stun baton shown in handThe Streetwise Stun Baton is the most powerful, portable option available on the market. With three watts of power and 5 modes, this product offers the most effective stopping power in its class. With its ultra-bright 150* lumen light, it is an indispensable tool for protecting yourself and your loved ones. You can use it anywhere you go, from a restaurant to a busy street. Whether you are trying to scare off an intruder or to protect yourself, you can use it anytime, wherever you need it.

This rechargeable stun baton can prevent violent attackers from reaching their target. The 9 million-plus-stopping power of this weapon cuts through clothing, giving you a chance to disarm an attacker in any situation. With a powerful light beam, it can make even the most dangerous criminals run for cover. Using the Streetwise Stun Baton is a smart choice for urban professionals. While it does not have the same range as other self-defense products, it is incredibly effective at disarming an attacker and preventing further harm.

Streetwise Batons for Self Defense

If you’re worried about safety, the Streetwise Stun Baton features a charging cord and an adjustable length. The battery is stored in the battery, making it handy even if the attacker’s body is partially covered with clothing. The Stun Baton is balanced perfectly and comes with a safety mechanism to prevent accidental use. This means that even if you’re not sure how to use it, you can quickly strike a threat with it and get away with your life.

The Streetwise Stun Baton has a lifetime warranty and a two-level safety system. The baton’s battery will last for over a year. The Attitude Adjuster can be recharged at a standard wall outlet. In case of a battery failure, the baton can be used at a later time. It’s a very convenient tool that can be used as a weapon against an attacker.

The Streetwise Barbarian Stun Baton

Another great option for defensive use is the Streetwise Barbarian Stun Baton. The Barbarian is more robust than other similar models, and it’s lighter than the other one. It’s nearly 19 inches long and has built-in batteries. Its electric discharge is powerful enough to break through thick outdoor clothing. It also features a metal clip. Unlike most other stun guns, the Stun Baton can be stored on a nightstand or kept in a vehicle.

The Streetwise Stun Baton is a useful option for defending yourself against an attacker. Its military-grade aluminum body prevents grabbing and is powered by rechargeable batteries. It also has a flashlight with a LED light that blinds an attacker. With a battery powered Stun Baton, you can defend yourself anytime, anywhere. Its size also allows for good maneuverability. There are no battery problems with the baton, and it is 18 inches long.