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Schools Consider Using Mace Brand Pepper Spray for Security

Using Pepper Spray for Self DefenseI came across this news article about how schools in several states are considering using Mace® Brand Pepper Spray for security. I think using pepper spray for personal security of the teachers is a great idea. I do hope they include some training with it though.

CLEVELAND, Nov. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — School districts in Ohio, Michigan, Texas and New York have adopted Mace(R) brand pepper spray as part of an overall strategy to make educational environments safer for teachers and students.

“While the world is becoming more lethal, there are definitely non-lethal solutions that offer protection,” said John J. McCann, President and CEO of Mace Security International, the oldest security provider in the nation.

Pepper spray is a key part of Mace(R) brand safety programs that also include door protection products and video surveillance monitoring which has grown to 1,158 schools nationwide in urban, suburban and rural districts.

“When violence hits a small school, like Sandy Hook, every school in America needs to pay attention,” said Tim Spinner, a middle school principal. “As educators, we now train with law enforcement how to respond to the threat of an active shooter incident.”

Spinner, the father of two children in suburban Cincinnati, makes presentations on school security nationwide. He is evaluating all options and approaches.

Many security consultants are recommending pepper spray to educators because it’s simple to use, is non-lethal and is a powerful tool that disrupts attacks. Mace(R) brand is the country’s oldest and most established provider of personal security products.

Pamela Malone, a high school teacher in suburban Cleveland for nearly two decades, carries Mace(R) pepper spray. “Life has unknowns and I just want to be ready to protect myself and my students.”

Schools prepare for fires, earthquakes and tornados. Now schools must prepare for armed intruders, Spinner said. “The odds may be unlikely that any tragedy will occur, but if does, it is vital that we’re prepared.” — carries a wide variety of small self defense weapons and Mace® Pepper Sprays are a large part of our line up small pepper sprays for self defense.

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Here is a behind the scenes video of the Mace Pepper Spray Factory. Let us know what you think. Get your Mace Brand Pepper Spray by clicking one of the links above.