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Real Estate Agent Self Defense Awareness a Must

I came across this article on real estate agent self defense personal safety tips and how some are taking extra precautions in this every increasingly hostile world. I think it is great, a real estate agent is often alone with strangers. Thus making safety and self defense a priority is a must.

Woman Self Defense ProductsFacing safety risks with every showing, local real estate agents are increasingly taking precautions to protect themselves

After encountering a few unnerving experiences while on the job, Cheryllyn Boyd with RE/MAX Real Estate Group has been practice shooting at the range and has taken several weekend self-defense courses. She is working toward obtaining a concealed carry permit and plans to have a weapon with her at all times, especially when showing remote properties in outlying parishes. Photography by Don Kadair

Would you agree to meet a stranger at a vacant house as night falls? It sounds like something straight out of a scary movie, but it’s a scenario that plays out daily for real estate agents and brokers.

Real estate professionals are in the business of showing property to potential customers—both known and unknown. They openly share their contact information with the public and interact with clients in locations with little security, which repeatedly exposes them to potential dangers.

“Realtors need to arm themselves. I carry mace, two stun guns and a Taser, and I sell them to other Realtors because they also need protection.” —Dana Patureau, owner of Chateau to Geaux Realty and Angels of Self-Defense…

…Closer to home, a Leesville man was arrested in December for cyberstalking several agents. The Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office received complaints about threats and sexually explicit texts from multiple victims who said the suspect was aware of their vocation and attempted to arrange appointments to meet them in person. – Read More

As the article stated, “According to the National Association of Realtors 2015 Member Safety Report, 40% of Realtors have experienced a situation that made them fear for their personal safety or safety of their personal information, and 4% have been a victim of an assault, robbery or identity theft while on the job. A number of Realtors have also been murdered while on the job in recent years,”

Carrying a self-defense pepper spray, a stun device or even a personal Taser are great advice given above. I would just add to make sure you get some training and follow a few simple personal safety tips like those give in this article. Stay safe out there.