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Mace Security International, Mace Brand Products

Mace Brand - Mace Security InternationalMace Security International, Inc. is a manufacturer of mace personal protection products and electronic surveillance systems. The company sells a range of products including personal protection equipment, tactical munition, access control, CCTV monitors, and a range of security services. The company also makes high-end digital cameras, and machine vision cameras, as well as professional imaging components. As a result, Mace Corporation has a wide range of products available for both home and business use.

Mace Security International Inc. manufactures and markets a variety of personal safety and security products. The company’s well-known products include pepper spray, stun guns, personal alarms, and a line of self-defense and home defense kits. The company’s product lines are sold through distributors, Mace online outlets and retail outlets around the world. Its tactical can of mace spray is primarily used by law enforcement, correctional facilities, and military customers.

Where are Mace Products Manufactured?

Pepper Spray Gel Mace Night Defender MK-III with Light On Shown in HandMace is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. It began distribution in Canada through Feelin’Secure Ltd. The company is now owned by its investors, and its products are sold under the brand name Mace. Its products include the less-than-lethal spray Muzzle, which is a pepper spray dog repellent. In October of 1995, the Mace board of directors delegated CEO duties to a committee of three people. Although founder Jon Goodrich still oversees day-to-day operations, all other decisions are made by the committee.

After acquiring Federal Laboratories in 1999, Mace Security International expanded its security division to include surveillance products. In 2002, the company purchased Micro-Tech, a company that manufactures electronic security products. In 2005, it acquired Vernex, a pepper-gel manufacturer. In 2010, the company exited the car wash business and sold most of its carwash operations. In 2010, it reorganized its business model, concentrating on selling personal safety products.

What types of products does the Mace Corporation produce?

Mace Security International, Inc. is an American company that produces a range of personal safety products. It is best known for its Mace brand defense sprays, but it also manufactures tear gas, alarms, and other security products. Its primary product line includes the Take Down (r) aerosol defense spray for law enforcement and other security professionals. Moreover, the company has expanded into the manufacturing of medical devices. Its products are used by police and other law enforcement.

The company initially gained public attention by manufacturing and selling less-lethal defense sprays. The company has since expanded its business into several other industries. Its carwash division is the first publicly traded car wash chain. The automotive division is still based in Vermont, but the headquarters has moved to Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. The security products are manufactured in different locations throughout the United States. It also operates five truck-washes in the state of Delaware.

What year did Mace Security International begin?

Mace Security International was founded in 1987, and its first product is the Mace pepper spray. The company expands its mace products offerings to Canada. In 1993, Jon E. Goodrich resigns as president. The company acquires MSP, Inc., a security firm. It has also expanded into the private security market. This year, Mace Security International will celebrate its 25th anniversary. This milestone will be the largest in the company’s history.


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