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How to use Pepper Spray Gun to ease your Fears For Older Parents

A few months ago, I was conversing with a friend of mine about how pepper spray gun could provide personal protection to his parents. He explained to me how his parents had relocated to the more quiet suburbs, while he and his family had remained behind within the metro area.

He was concerned that they were seeing less and less of them throughout the year. They did thoroughly enjoy coming up to pay a visit to their grandchildren, but since he and his wife were often swamped with work they rarely returned the favor.

As his parents began to settled into their calm suburban existence the more they became uneasy within the big city. Ultimately he had come to me to help him teach his folks how to use pepper spray for their personal self defense in an effort to keep them protected during their travels to visit the family and grand kids.

He knew that self defense sprays produce a severe burning sensation to the skin and eyes which could achieve a debilitating degree of physical pain. In addition he had remember us discussing in a pepper spray class how they..

  1. Obstruct Breathing
  2. Make the Eyes to Tear Up
  3. Cause the Eyes to Slam Shut
  4. Trigger Haywire Coughing and Gagging.

He knew that since the effects are non lethal and only last a short period of time. His parent would be more receptive, because Pepper Spray effects end in about 15 to 45 minutes without causing any kind of irreversible injury. And while the attacker is on the floor his parents could seize the opportunity to flee and call 911.

Due to the fact that his parents had never tried using a personal self defense spray before he was wondering if pepper gun spray may be a more foolproof device for them.

Mace Pepper spray guns have innovated the way that a pepper solution is deployed towards a target. Thus effectively changing the playing field, solving the issues and difficulties posed in using pepper spray for self defense.

How? To begin with gun style casing suits your natural instinct of where to point and locate the trigger. A gun styled pepper sprays is fashioned in order that you can shoot them nonstop via an aerosol from virtually any compromising position. Such as when the pepper device is upside down.

He bought each of his parents a Mace pepper gun loaded with an OC cartridge which could release 7 long-range blasts onto an assailant at 25 feet away. Equipped with a trigger-activated LED light for far more precise aiming and it also came with a water test cartridge.

Once we trained his parents on how to use pepper spray guns to defend themselves, his parents have visited many more times, staying longer. Surprisingly enough his mom insists to do the groceries on her own. Where before her husband or someone else went with her.