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How a Stun Gun Help Woman Escape a Kidnapper

I am often asked if a stun gun can really help you in an attack, well in the news story below a woman is kidnapped and uses stun gun to escape.her attacker. So, often the news stories about how stun guns are misused, it is great to hear of one where the victim used a stun gun to get away..

STOCKTON – A 45-year-old woman attempted to use a stun gun against a kidnapper – and got free of her captor in the process.The victim told police she was walking near the corner of East Hazelton Avenue and Wilson Way at 5:20 a.m. Sunday when a person driving a dark green, two-door convertible with tinted windows parked in front of her.
She said she was walking to a friend’s house. The man got out, walked toward her, grabbed her from behind and forced the victim into his vehicle.
He then drove her toward a dead end near some railroad tracks
She had a stun gun and attempted to use it. During a struggle, the victim got out of the car and fled. The man was last seen driving his car south on Sierra Nevada Street and then west on Anderson Street. Read More

This guy may have said to himself wow this is an easy target, that is until she used her stun gun against him. Now who’s laughing. A stun gun can be a very good way to defend yourself. But first you should take time to learn about how a stun gun works and get some training. Also make sure to check stun gun laws to ensure they are legal in your area.

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