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Examining the Hottest Pepper Spray Available

Pink Mace Keyguard® Mini Pepper Spray with Key Chain Laying Down View Showing Hinged Safety Cap OpenedSo, many different manufacturers’ claim that they have the hottest pepper spray available on the market today. Yet no real proof is offered and they neglect to inform their potential customers that for the most part scoville heat units (SHU) amounts, along with other heat rating indexes are overkill. Most pepper sprays sold today will stop an attacker.

What is far more important than finding the hottest pepper spray is..

  1. The effectiveness of the pepper spray delivery system
  2. The quality of the pepper solution
  3. The ability of the unit to perform when needed
  4. The skill level of the person using the spray
  5. The proper spray type for the situation
  6. The least important is the hotness of the pepper spray

Yet I’m Using Pepper Spray for Self Defensestill bombarded with emails asking “What is the hottest pepper spray available?” 
As you may know, we have very strict criteria for the brands that we offer at Security Defense We constantly evaluate each brand, manufacture and supplier for their continued quality, customer satisfaction and superior products.

That being said we recently acquired independent laboratory testing results for the hottest pepper spray based on the top 10 pepper sprays on the market today. This pepper spray evaluation was performed by the Independent Laboratories at CHROMTEC, LLC.

They tested the top ten selling self defense sprays and found the following results:

Click on the name of the hot pepper spray above to see the full PDF report. 

Mace Triple Action Police Pepper Spray Shown In HandIt was no surprise to find that many of the Self Defense Pepper Spray Brands that we carry here at Security Defense Weapons were in this list of the hottest pepper sprays.

We choose them based on hands on testing that we had done for ourselves. Heat ratings were not considered, but this pepper spray testing has revealed that many of the pepper spray brands we sell not only meet our stringent requirements, they go beyond them.