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5 Tips to Make your House More Secure

We all desire to have our home and family safe and secure. We go out of our way to ensure we have locked our doors, closed and secured the bedroom windows and to arm the home security system.

Yet we neglect to consider that someone could scale up to the second floor window, or easily break into a basement window.

So let’s go over the top 5 tips to make your house more secure from would be invaders.

1) You should ensure that shrubbery, bushes and tree limbs are not providing cover for an intruder. A burglar is always looking for the easiest target and if you have a place for them to hide while breaking in, you have made your house a target.

Trim them far away from the windows or better yet move or remove them to allow for open exposure.

2) The better lit you can keep the outside of you house the less likely you will become a target. Lighting provides a level a security and can offer some much need curb appeal to your property

Put yourself in the mind of a would be intruder aren’t you more likely to pass on a well light house or even one with motion lights? Take away the number of places to hide and you increase your chances that you are passed by.

3) Never over look the top floor windows of your home.

It is so common for a home owner to install door and window alarms on the first floor. Thinking that a bad guy can’t reach to the other levels.

When in reality a large tree in on the side of your house makes an easy entry point, even the ladder could be used to reach these windows.

Never neglect your other floors, a well placed self contained glass breakage window alarm will work nicely. Don’t forget to lock them when you leave.

4) Do you have a door into your house that you don’t use? Then you should block it. Maybe your basement opens into your yard, or you attached garage has a door that opens into your side yard.

If you never use them, then put something like a freezer or a shelving unit in front of them. It should be Something impassable.

This will eliminate these doors as emergency exits, so make sure you consider all options prior to blocking off a door. Another options would be a door stop alarm security system or a door knob hanging alarm.

5) Advertise your home security system. Simply, placing a sticker on your window or a security sign in your yard won’t actually stop an intruder, but it could increase your odds of not being robbed.

If an intruder still decides to risk it he will be on guard and the moment your home alarms sounds he is going to bolt.