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Keep Your Kids Safe with an Electronic Child Leash!

Protect your Child with an Invisible Leash

One of the biggest fears of a parent, grandparent or anyone monitoring a young child is that a stranger will take them from their play area. We have all felt that sinking in our gut and have had fear rush through our minds the moment little bobby or Suzy momentarily disappear from our sight.

Protecting your child while playingYou are overly relive when they come bouncing from the jungle gym to the swing set or you see them on the monkey bars With all the other little “tykes” running around. For a moment you can set aside the fears and relax.

Often times it is very difficult to relax on the park bench making it hard to let your kids play, are they safe? The playground is crowded and it becomes difficult to keep an eye on your little ones! They may disappear in play for a few seconds at a time.

I had one such incident in my life. It was many years ago when my youngest daughter was around 6 (she is an adult with a daughter of her own now). There were no electronic child leashes available at that time.

We were at a county fair with some relatives and I was watching my three children play on the slide. I found the best spot to watch them, but it had a small window when the kids were blocked from my view. Only a second, but that second was enough to turn a fun family day into a family nightmare.

As my children ran around the play gym to climb the slide ladder and come down the slide I saw them go around to the latter then saw one, two. Where was the youngest she didn’t come down? I yelled to my oldest where is your sister? Around there she pointed.

So, I moved the blind spot, she wasn’t their! My heart began to sink and I began a frantic scan of the kids and all around the jungle gym, slide and the surrounding area. Still no sign of her.

About that time my family walked back up from getting drinks and noticed my frazzled demeanor. What’s wrong they asked, She is missing I exclaimed!

After about fifteen minutes of searching, we finally located her a good way from where she started. It seems that when she got off the slide and ran around it was crowded and she was turned around.

Electronic Child Panda LeashLuckily we found her and she was fine, can’t say the same for me. I was rattled and my wife, well that is for a different day.:) It would have been great if I could have heard a “beep” right when she moved out of site? Even then they sold child leashes, but that would have been impractical in this situation, besides leashes should be used for dogs!

Child Guard Electronic Leash for KidsI would have loved to have had an “non-visible” leash available back then. You do though, you have the option to protect your child, without actually using a leash by having an electronic device sound a sharp beep when they wonder out of the devices assigned range.


This child guard electronic leash makes you aware when your child travels past a distance you are uncomfortable with. In the event that the merry-go-round is within range, no problem. But should they head off to the swing set, and it’s beyond the range, the child guard panda leash for kids will let you know by sounding a beep.


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